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Hopair Pty Ltd runs independently operated charter flights, hosted by experienced pilot and owner, Hew Mills. Operating under an Air Operators Certificate owned by R-MACH Aviation, Hopair Pty Ltd provides charter flights across regional Queensland and Australia, from its home base in Cairns. It also provides a range of tourism flights and charters, under its Outback Overnight business.

With over 40 years professional pilot experience, Hew Mills has a Commercial Pilot’s License and qualifications in aerobatics and flying in formation (although these skills will not be in play during your charter flight with Hopair).

For your comfort and convenience, all Hopair Pty Ltd charter flight passengers are provided with a light refreshment pack and active noise reduction headsets, which enable easy conversation with the pilot and any other passengers on board.

Our Plane

Hopair’s charter flights are provided aboard a Cessna 337, a twin engine aircraft which caters to both business and pleasure guests. Hew purchased the Cessna in Dallas USA in 2012, flying it across their west coast, before shipping the plane to Australia.

The Cessna 337 seats six (6) guests – five (5) passengers – and offers excellent visibility for all passengers, thanks to its high wing and viewing panel in the door.

Equipped to fly in any weather, day or night, Hopair’s Cessna 337 has a fully certified GPS, storm scope, auto-pilot and other instruments, ensuring all flights are conducted and completed to the highest possible safety standards.


Professional photographers will enjoy the flight opening window, which is well forward of the wing strut. We even have a remotely operated 5 way geo-referenced camera pod for taking simultaneous video and geo-referenced still photographs, left, right, front, rear and vertical. This makes Hopair Pty Ltd independent charter flights ideal for fire patrol and disaster surveillance.

Emergency Services

Hopair Pty Ltd is registered with the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service and has been used for fire spotting, as well as Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service surveillance. To aid in these tasks the aircraft is fitted with:

  • An “Eagle 360” camera system capable of simultaneous video and still recording over 360° and vertically below the aircraft.
  • An observer door giving an observer exceptional visibility on the right side of the aircraft.
  • An in-flight opening window for conventional photography of exceptional clarity.
  • Over 6 hours endurance and loiter capacity.

Hopair is a proud supporter of Angel Flight, helping people in the bush get medical assistance that is normally taken for granted.

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For more information on Hopair Pty Ltd independently operated charter flights, please contact Hew Mills today on

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